Annual Reports

Journal Articles

Kirby, T., Leake, J., and Granger, K. (2011) Recovering from Disasters. NZICA  Journal, December 2011
Kirby, T., (2011) Water Accounting in Australia. NZICA Journal, July 2011
Kirby, T., (2010) Nature Audit. Chartered Accountants Journal (NZ) March 2010


Leake, J.E. & Institute for International Development (Australia) 2013, Cyclone Nargis, Myanmar: risk reduction in natural resource management                                                      Granger, K. ERSA Risk Management Methodology and Terminology (2nd Edition) Granger, K., Batten, T. (2011) The Path Ahead for Emergency Management: Informing Decision Making. Presentation to CEDA Managing Major Catastrophes Forum.

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