Central West CMA Audit Readiness

In early 2011, ERSA helped NSW Central West CMA better understand the extent to which its NRM systems could be independently evaluated and shown to contribute to adaptive management.

Having been audited in the first round of NRC ‘CAP’ audits in 2008, Central West CMA was interested to see how well plans and systems to implement their new CAP might stand up to independent review. Our ERSA team was able to provide views on:

  • the extent to which CMA implementation of the CAP could be audited
  • any suggestions for where the CMA’s processes could be improved to promote accountability and continuous improvement; and
  • suggested steps that could be taken to improve the extent to which the CMA could make better use of audit processes to promote improved natural resource management.

The review process, and ERSA’s report, helped the CMA to better understand the NRM audit process and to identify and prioritise improvement actions in preparation for an external evaluation of their work. This review also helped to dispel numerous audit ‘myths’ and increased staff awareness of the purpose and process of an external performance audit.


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