Audit of the Implementation of Murray CMA’s CAP

In September 2010 ERSA undertook a second audit of the implementation of the Murray Catchment Action Plan (CAP) for the NSW Natural Resources Commission (NRC), identifying significant improvement in NRM since a 2008 audit.

In our report, which is available on the NRC website, we identified that significant progress had been made by Murray CMA in the two years since the initial audit.

Alongside recognition of the Board and management effort over the last two years, this progress confirmed that well designed audits, undertaken in an environment of continuous learning, can actively promote organisational improvement.

Undertaking the follow-up audit was important for ERSA. The entity of ‘ERSA’ is relatively new, but ERSA team members have been instrumental in developing and implementing the NRC’s audits of the Implementation of CAPs since inception, so this engagement demonstrates acceptance of the ERSA structure and recognition of our core skills by one of our key clients.

This audit also provided another reminder to us, of our expertise in undertaking catchment wide audits, as well as providing confidence in our understanding of risk management and natural resource management arrangements and policy settings more broadly, particularly across the catchments of the Murray Darling Basin.

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