NRM Audit

ERSA is leading the development of natural resource management (NRM) audit practice.

Here you can find further information about our approach to NRM audit and examples of our work in this area.

ERSA has built expertise in the emerging field of NRM audit through working with the government agencies at the forefront of using discipline of audit to be confident that their NRM programs are achieving their goals. These agencies include the Natural Resources Commission of NSW, the National Water Commission and the Clean Energy Regulator.

In undertaking this work we have found that client value comes from how well audit teams combine strong NRM skills and experience with formal audit and assurance techniques. Our ability to apply NRM expertise to audit processes has provided both assurance and continual improvement to our clients and their auditees.

We have also found that audit can add significant value to existing monitoring and evaluation programs, by interpreting science-based results for wider audiences seeking confidence, such as central agencies and grant program administrators.

The ERSA approach builds from established industry requirements including:

Analysis by former ERSA Director Tim Kirby, presenting some of the results of the NSW Natural Resources Commission audit program, was published in an article on Nature Audit, in the NZ Chartered Accountants Journal.

Examples of our work

ERSA teams have worked on a number of audits, and follow-up audits of CMAs, for the NSW Natural Resources Commission. ERSA teams have also and provided advice to Commonwealth agencies on conducting audit and assessment of water management, carbon emissions and carbon farming programs. Examples of our NRM audit projects include:

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