Disaster Risk Preparedness for the Queensland Cultural Centre

In the wake of the flood event in the Brisbane River in January 2011, ERSA reviewed the disaster management preparedness of the Queensland Cultural Centre (QCC) precinct for Arts Queensland. The QCC includes the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), the State Library and the Queensland Museum. Collectively the precinct contains the greatest concentration of high value and largely irreplaceable public assets in Queensland, if not Australia.

For this comprehensive review, our ERSA team identified a number of potential risks posed by a wide range of natural and anthropogenic hazards including flood, storm and earthquake and the potential impact of man-made hazards.

We developed 43 risk treatment strategies for Arts Queensland and other bodies to consider adopting to reduce the risks posed from natural and anthropogenic hazards. These strategies covered:

  • contextual, research, information and analysis issues
  • risk modification issues; and
  • readiness, response and recovery issues.

The assessment process and ERSA’s report was well received, and reinforced the healthy risk management culture that already existed within the senior management of our clients.

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