A Risk Methodology for Improving Community Safety

As eastern Australia approaches the first anniversary of the widespread floods of 2011 it is timely to ask the questions: “Just how safe are our communities really? What has been done to build resilience and ensure we do not face a repeat of the chaos and suffering experienced a year ago?”

At ERSA we strongly believe that disaster risk management is the essential prerequisite for genuine community safety. Without an appropriate and detailed disaster risk management study it is not possible for communities to be safe, sustainable and resilient.

The disciplined approach employed by our Principal Risk Scientist, Ken Granger, in disaster risk management work undertaken by ERSA has been developed over 20 years of direct involvement in disaster management and has been tested many times by disaster managers on the ground.

The disaster risk methodology (revised September 2012) is published here to promote improved understanding among disaster managers and, hopefully encourage action that will build increased resilience and community safety.

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