ERSA presents at CEDA Managing Major Catastrophes forum

Tony Batten presented a short paper on Emergency Management: Informing Decision Making to the Managing Major Catastrophes forum in Brisbane on 13 April 2011. The forum was one of the Thought Leadership series organised by the Committee for Economic Development in Australia (CEDA) and featured a wide range of both national and international speakers.

The presentation in PDF format is available here. Speakers notes are provided by moving the cursor over the small text icon in the top left corner of each slide.

We found it interesting that, despite the key role played by the community in responding to any major catastrophe, there were almost no speakers representing community groups or discussing community needs. This ‘top down’ approach is something we believe is representative of current emergency management thinking.

In contrast natural resource management in Australia is embracing a ‘community based’ approach that focusses on building resilience within the community and landscape.

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