Environmental Risk Science and Audit (ERSA) Pty Ltd provides advisory services across a broad range of sectors, focusing on natural resource management (NRM) and mitigating the impact of natural disasters.

ERSA team members are senior practitioners in disaster risk management, NRM and auditing, with experience in delivering successful projects across Australia and internationally.

We are able to provide expert risk assessments and undertake audits in all natural resource areas. We also have the spatial information, land and environmental management, land use planning and project managmement expertise to ensure a holistic approach to risk management and auditing.

By drawing on our very significant base of skills and knowledge, ERSA is able to assemble expert teams tailored to meet the requirements of any project in the fields of:

  • Disaster Risk Management
  • Natural Resource Management
  • NRM Auditing
  • Risk Auditing; and
  • Environmental and Risk Assessment.

ERSA is prequalified for the provision of consultancy services under the NSW Government’s Performance and Management Services Scheme.

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